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Vigor Rousing / Grape Extract Capsules

Tiens Vigor Rousing Capsule or its newest name is Grape Extract Capsules are a scientific result of Chinese Microorganism Institution. It main ingredient is grape plant extracted using high bio-technology. From various test, it is known that the extract can decrease fat level in blood, lower cholesterol, and it can become antioxidant. The extract of grape plant also can control clod in blood and manage the development of cancer cells in their earlier growth.

Many international health institutions have admitted the benefits of extracted grape plant as a drug. Today, Tiens is the only company that has patent to product vigor rousing capsule. The birth of Vigor Rousing capsule is a chinese proud in the field of health and medicinal treatment.

Using Vigor Rousing Capsule, all diseases in conjunction with blood and blood vessel and high fat level will be easier to handle.

Vitis Vinifer Semen
It is a kind of plant anti-toxin resulted after the grape fermented, especially it is in grape's stem. The substance is anti-bacteria and anti-oxidation. It can ease inflammation and handle thrombosis disease.

Main Functions:
- overcome all diseases in relation with blood.
- overcome and heal leucemia.
- heal stroke
- heal coronary heart
- handle the growth of cancer cells.
- kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells.
- overcome aging.

How to consume:
3 x 2 a day for teenager and adults.
(baby and children below 12 years old and pregnant women are prohibited to consume).

Many awards have been achieved by Vigor Rousing Capsules as guaranttee that it is very high quality and safe product. Please klik here to know about these awards.

TIENS Profile Company

Tianshi or Tiens Group Co. Ltd (hereby shortened as Tiens Group), founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan in Tianjin China, began its march into the international market in 1997. Today Tiens Group has become a multinational conglomerate in fields like bio-tech, education, retail, tourism, finance, international trade and e-business, etc. And with its business reaching over 190 countries, Tiens Group has set up branches in 110 countries & regions and has established strategic alliances with top-rank enterprises from many countries. The diversified products developed by Tiens Group, such as health food, health care appliances, skincare applications and household products, are creating a high quality life for more than 20 million families around the world and have helped them to enjoy health, happiness, beauty and affluence.

In health products, Tiens Group examines many ingredients of ancient Chinese medicine, and then processes and packs as modern health food. To achieve this purpose, Tiens invests million dollar to hold a lot of experiment, involves many traditional chinese herbs experts and scientists, and buys copyright of those traditional medicines and patents them in many countries.

In respect of management, TIENS has been issued ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management System Certificate, the National Drugs and Health Product's GMP Certificate, the HACCP Food Security Management System Certificate. TIENS product series have been also issued with the "Halal Certificate" and "Kosher Certificate". We have many national invention patents and production technologies and the technical process are in the leading position both at China and foreign countries. TIENS products have won Chinese and international honors and awards for several times. TIENS was awarded "the Enterprise of Product Quality Assurance and After-service Guarantee" by Association for Quality Inspection, and conferred the honorary title of "the Best Enterprise on International Eco Security" by United States Academy of Natural Science.

Based on a complete operational management system and well-designed regulations, Tiens Group is marching into the Fortune 500 in big strides by relying on the remarkable theories such as "New Swap and Alternative Theory", "New Supermarket Theory", "Consumption Results Wealth" and "Operational Consumption Results More Wealth".

Awards for Vigor / Grape Extract Capsules

The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Association Technologie Nouvelle De France (ATN) named three TIENS products, Grape Extract Capsules, Cordyceps Capsules and Spirulina Capsules, as Products Recommended to the EEC.
- The World Promotion Association of the United Nations granted TIENS products the status of official products of UN.

TIENS Grape Extract Capsules were named the "Top10 Healthcare Products" at the Second China International Healthcare Far.

TIENS Grape Extract Capsules won the Golden Award of the Second China New Medicine, Specific Medicine and Healthcare Products Fair.

Other Awards
  • Gold Award as 2nd New Product of Special Health Care
  • Award as ten Superior Products of Health Care, during 2nd Exhibition of International Health Care Product, China.
  • Award as High Quality Chinese Product from Supervisor Commision of Quality and Technology, French.
  • Award as one of healthcare products recommended for Europe Union market.
  • Grape Extract Capsules won award of “Break Through Achievement” from Tianjin Medical Science Society as being the first product that can produce by modern technology, and it is called as “The Future Medicine”.

Awards for Cordyceps or Mucord Capsules

On March 20, "The Third China Credible Health Care Products and Brands Selection Activity" organized by China Health Care Association was held at the Great Hall of the People. During the activity, TIENS "Nutrient Super Calcium Powder","Cordyceps Capsules", "Vitality Softgels", "Chitosan Capsules" and other five products won the honor of "100 Credible Health Care Products in China", and TIENS won the title of "Top 10 Credible Health Care Brand in China in the Third Session". Tiens Group has won the award for several consecutive years, which proves that customers recognize and trust TIENS products.

China Healthcare Association opened its second Top China Healthcare Brands award nomination night on March 12th in Beijing in all pomp and grandeur. Tiens bagged 4 "Top 50 Most Trusted Healthcare Products" awards with Tiens Hi-Calcium, Tiens Cordicep Capsules, Tiens Chitosan Capsules and Tiens Slimming Tea plus the prestigious "Top 10 Most Trusted Brands" award. Tiens has been a big winner for the second year running, a proof of its market leadership as a manufacturer and exporter in healthcare business .

The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Association Technologie Nouvelle De France (ATN) named three TIENS products, Grape Extract Capsules, Cordyceps Capsules and Spirulina Capsules, as Products Recommended to the EEC.

Other Awards
  • Award as High Quality China Product from Supervisor Commision of Quality and Technology, French.
  • Award as one of recommended products for Uni-Eropa market.

Awards for Spirulina

  • Award as one of recommended products for Europe Union market.
  • Award as High Quality China Product from Supervisor Commision of Quality and Technology, French.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tiens Spirulina Capsules

The story of Spirulina was started when a French professor, found the secret of physical power of Ganimu tribe who lived at the bank of Lake Chad, Africa, in 1963. The local tribe ate greenish food which in fact fulfill their every-day nutrient to work. Their physical appearances are also good. After being examined, this wonderful food is an algae, known as spirulina. thorough research afterwards shows that spirulina is the oldest plant in the world. It exists since 350 million years ago and it is the most nutritious food ever found.

The Contents of Spirulina
  1. Spirulina contains beta-caroten 25 times than in carrot.
  2. It contains vitaminn B12 25 times than cow's liver. Vitamin B12 is important to increase energy, growth, nerve system and internal clearance.
  3. The content of Vitamin E in Spirulina is 3 times more than in wheat.
  4. Spirulina is the only plant in the world that contains GLA (Gamma Linonenic Acid). the substance can lower cholesterol level and high blood pressure, and other diseases. GLA in mother's milk help prevent baby's health.
  5. the iron in spirulina is 58 times more than in spinach and it is easier to absorb.
  6. spirulina protein is two times more than in soybean, 3 times than in cow's liver, fish and egg.
  7. Its chlorophyl content is ten times more than in green vegetables.

Functions: It balances organ systems and speeds metabolism. Spirulina also increases body's power so that body immune system works properly againts all diseases.

Tianshi Spirulina is packed in a plastic bottle, containing 100 capsules.

How to Consume:
3 x 6 capsules every day with hot water.

If you interested in buying Tianshi or Tiens Spirulina, please do not hesitate to contact me at my email. For awards of this product, please click here.


In 2003
  • The China Association for Quality Inspection commended Tianshi Group for being one of the Chinese enterprises known for the Double of Quality and Services.
  • Tianshi Health Products series were recommended by the Committee for Evaluation and Recommendation of Famous Quality Products for Chinese Women and Children as one of the Favored Famous Quality Brands.
  • Tianshi products were officially recommended as products for the UN institutions by UN Association for the Promotion of World Unification.
  • Tianshi products were officially recommended as products for the UN institutions by the UN Association for the Promotion of World Unification.
In 2002
  • The Tianshi Nutrient Health Product series was named by the Third China Special Olympics as the only recommended nutrient health product brand.
  • Tianshi products won the Gold Prize for Medical Oncology at the 2002 Almacede International New Industrial Technology Fair.
In 2001
  • Tianshi health products were named the only recommended health product brand at the Tianjin International Comic Arts Festival.
  • The International Academy of Human Researches in Aeronautics and Astronautics named Tianshi health products The Best Food for Aeronautical and Astronautical Uses.
In 1999
  • Tianshi Health Products were appointed the only health product brand recommended at the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships.
In 1997
  • Tianshi Xuebao Acupuncturing Machine won the Gold prize at the First Einstein International Invention / New product Exposition.

Awards from United Nations for TIANSHI
  • Best enterprise for Ecological Safety and Certificate for the UN Supplier
  • The United Nations Asia-Pacific International Coordinating Committee Award for Outstanding Enterpreneurs of the Asia_Pacific Region (2000)
  • Elected to the Expert of the UN Steering Committee, supported by the United Nations Lawyers' Commision (2002)
  • United Nations Volunteer to Help and Enrich the Poor (2002)
  • Given the Title of Researcher at the State Research Base of Direct Marketing, and researcher at the State Researcher of Health Industry (2002)
  • Honorary doctorate degree by the United Nations Academy of Ecology and Protection Scienses.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Awards for Tiens Calcium Powder

The superiorities of Tiens (or Tianshi) Calcium Products are admitted around the world, as they could be seen at the awards won below:

Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder won the Gold Prize at the Fifth China International Health Products Exposition.

The Fifth China International Quality Health Product Exposition awarded the gold medal to Tianshi Nutrient High Calcium Powder.

The Tianshi High Absorption Calcium Product Series won the title of Recommended Product, given by China Consumers Protection Fund at the Second China Calcium Metabolism Symposium, Tianshi was given the award for Contribution to Human Health.

  • Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder won The Gold Prize for Health Food at the Cooperation Conference of the World's Inventors, Enterpreneurs and Investors held in New York, USA.
  • Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder won the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Geriatrics* from The American International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder won the Award for Great Invention in The Health Industry from the Asian and American Investors' Association.
Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder was recommended by the Committee for Evaluation of Products Preferred by Chinese Women and Children as a Favored Brand.

  • Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder received The Best Proudct Award and The Best Fashion Consumer Goods Award from the Second International Foods and Drinks Exhibition held in Tianjin.
  • Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder won the Gold Prize at the Quality Prevention and Health Products Exhibition held in Honor of the Sixth International Science and Peace Week.
  • Tianshi Nutrient High Absorption Calcium Powder was named the only Health Drink Recommended at the FINA World Championships.
I think it's time now for you to try this great products for your health...

Tiens Dream Health Matress

One third of human life is used for sleeping. Sleeping moment is the most suitable time to recover the functions of body organ which have worked hard in a day. Tiens Dream Bio-Energy Mattress can make your sleep be the best sleep in your time and recover your organ functions maximally.

How can Tiens Dream Bio-Energy Mattress do that? It is because Tiens mattress contains 374 pieces of wonderful diversely stones. These stones are source of magical healing of the mattress. The composition of stones has massage effect on muscle nerves. So it can omit weariness, increase oxygen circulation and drive out heat from the body. Its exclusive structure help you recover your health as when you are sleeping.

The Kind of Stones In the Mattress

Germanium is known as infra-red stone. It is a newest infra-red stone developed. It is produced by combining germanium itself, quartz, feldspar, loess soil and clay. The material is then heated up at the temperature of 1300 celcius by high technology. After processing, germanium stone will radiate infra-red light which its intensity is higher than any other precious stones.

For thousand years, jade stone has been used by east people as accessories to maintain their health. Many ancient medical books were written about it. Jade stone is admitted as one of natural energy source. The stone is widely used to maintain metabolism, anti-aging, enhance immune system and drive out fatigue.

Tourmaline is a crystal that has highest energy in the world. The crystal has two behavior, i.e.: pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity. pyroelectricity is a condition where tourmaline brings positive and negative contents under different temperature. Whereas piezoelectricity is vertical direction of tourmaline which come to the two end and results negative content. The negative content is then absorbed by molecules in the air and change to be negative ion.

The benefits of Tiens Matress
1. activate water molecule in the body
2. activate cells and improve metabolism
3. cleanse blood and balance blood pH.
4. raise blood circulation and improve kidney's job.
5. increase body immunity.
6. balance automatic nerves system.
7. manage body temperature

So do not hesitate to try this wonderful mattress for your health.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vermint Capsules


Ekstrak Lumbricus Rubellus 250mg

How to Consume:
Adult: 3 x 2 capsules a day.
children: 3 x 1 capsule a day.
No side effect.

Vermint capsules are made from 100% pure extract of lumbricus rubellus worm. Each capsule contains 250 mg lumbricus rubellus extract. This supplement is produced by PT. Vermindo International, Indonesia, since 1997 and it is easy to buy it at nearest drug store in Indonesia, especially in the island of Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan (Borneo).

Lumbricus Rubellus worm is extensively used as a traditional medicine in China and Korea. Research done by the expert of those countries show that this kind of worm can be used to cure effectively stroke and heart diseases, since it can dissolve blood vessel clotting in heart and brain. Even it can cure infection in blood vessel and smoothen blood circulation.

The Superiority of Lumbricus Rubellus extract:
1. Work by way of bio medicine, so it does not have side effect.
2. safe for all ages (adult and children, even infant)
3. Safe to consume continually at long time.
4. safe to consume together with prescribed medicine.

1. typhus and high fever
2. migraine and ambeien
3. high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and stroke
4. brochitis, asthma, liver or hepatitis
5. rheumatic, gout
6. arterioclerosis, agina pertosis
7. hypherlipdemia
8. anemia and hypotension
7. echema
8. dhiarea, and all intestine and digestion disease
9. increase intelligence and concentration
10. keep and increase body vitality.
11. desiccate burn wound and dissapear wound trace of surgical operation.
12. Good for pregnant women.

If you have any difficulty in finding the kind of this extracted medicine in your nearest areas, you can order to me. Please send me an email or sms to my phone number. The price in US dollar is 3 $ for 12 capsules / bottle and 5 $ for 30 capsules / bottle, excluded postage.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tiens Jiang Zhi Tea

Similar with the cordyceps capsules, Jian Zhi tea is a newest package name of Tiens Antilipemic Tea. Of course it is with some more powerful additions and better quality.

Tiens Jiang Zhi tea has key ingredient gynostema pentaphyllum (Jiao Gu Lan) plant. There are 13 species of gynostema pentaphyllum in the world, but 11 of them grow only in China. According to ancient China medicinal treatment, the plant is used to cure inflammation, neutralize poison, alleviate cough, and allay sputum.

In 1970s, Japanese expert found that gynostema pentaphyllum contained 84 kinds of glucose and its subtance composition was similar with ginseng. They then called this plant as a second ginseng.

Other ingredients:
Semen Cassie (Jue Ming Zi) = This substance is rich of calcium, vitamin A, taurine acid, micro element such as copper, zinc, selenium, etc.
Folium nelumbinis (water lily) = add body liquid, prevent thirstiness, and alleviate fever.
Radix polygoni mutiflori (Zhis Hou Wu) = it is the root of polygonum family plant, polygoni mutiflori. It is rich of vegetable lecithin, and could dissolve blood viscosity.
Green tea = contains theopolyphenol, caffeine, cocoa substance, sitrin, etc. Other benefits of green tea can be obtained from other sources since it has been widely published.

The Benefits of Jian Zhi Tea:
cure gout, cleanse blood from fat and triglicerida, soften blood vessel, increase HDL level, prevent from heart attack, slim body, and prolong age.

Sunday, August 08, 2010


Muncord capsules is a newest package of cordyceps mycellium capsules. Some improvement is added in the product in order to make muncord capsules better in quality and in its potent to cure.

Muncord capsules has main ingredients:
Cordyceps Fermented, Mycellium Powder

Other ingredients:
Lipid, Protein, Vit. B12, Cordyceps Cordycepsin Acid.
Every 100 gram contains Adenosine >= 0,15 gram, Mammie >= 6 gram.

Tiens Company guarantees the product uses genuine species of wild Cordyceps Sinensis cultivated from the high plateaus of China and Tibet, since there are so many other products of cordyceps does not use cordyceps sinensis, but its substitutes (Cordyceps ophioglossoides, Cordyceps capita, and Cordyceps militaris). It is because Cordyceps Sinensis is very expensive and difficult to buy outside China and Tibet. The lower quality product of cordyceps is cultivated outside the origin soil of the plant, and grow on on the soybeans.

So if you want to consume the best product of cordyceps, you have to choose Tiens Muncord capsules.

Articles about cordyceps can be read at:

Tiens Muncord Capsules or Cordyceps Mycellium Capsules had won many national and international awards. Please click here to know about these awards.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fatigon Hydro +

Do you want to keep your health by convenient way? Then if you are in Indonesia, you can buy a natural fruit drink produced by Kalbe Farma. This healthy drink named Fatigon Hydro + is derived from a natural coconut water, added with some useful nutrients.

Why do We Must Choose a Natural One?
Active agent in synthetic matter is lower by 50-70% than in natural substance. Waste material from synthetic matter will become scrapheap in the body, and sometime can change into toxic substance.

Journal of Natural Medicine–Natural vs Synthetic of Vitamins & Minerals wrote that synthetic matter medically arouse repulsive reaction from the body, whereas the natural one did not.

Center for Health Education and Research suggests to consume vitamin and mineral from natural food, without process using synthetic substance.

Isobel Jennings dari Cambridge University said that active biology content of synthetic matter decreased 50-70% compare with the natural one, using light polarization test

Dr. Charles Schneider, Ph.D., a professor of Chemistry Department, University of Cincinnati suggested to always use natural vitamin, although the synthetic one is cheaper.

According to FDA/ Codex Alimentarius, natural substance is directly derived from animal or plant, not be produced synthetically.

The Benefits of Fatigon Hydro +

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bali Shark Oil Squalene

Bali Shark Oil Squalene is obtained from Tuna fishing boats. The ships do not actually hunt dogfish, but catching tuna fishes to be exported to Japan. We do not directly pack the squalene we obtain after buying it from the boats, but at first we precipate it at about 3 days. Then we refine it with special filter to get the best product. From all of our oil we get from the fisherman, it is only 50% - 70% squalene we can pack into the bottles.

The Efficacy of Squalene
1). Protecting liver and Healing its Diseases Report from the hospitals of Tokyo University and Fakuoka, including Japan National Hospital shows that squalene can heal hepatitis patients.

2). efficacious to heal Diabetes Melitus, because it can stabilize sugar-content in blood.

3). Strengthening body immune.

Japanese doctors believe that if squalene is routinely consumed, it can repair body immune system. It is because squalene molecul consists of polimer isoprene, which is called terpene and triterpene. The substance is proved it can to be interferon inducer. Interferon can increase both amount and activity of cells in bone marrow, lymph gland, liver and thymus. The cells which activated and reinfoced are primarily T and B lymphosit cells and macrofag cells. That is why before the invention of antibiotic medicine, squalene was widely used in Japan to cure tubercolusis, hepatitis, diabetes, fever, and etc.

4). Disinfection of wound.

Squalene is an effective oxygen supplier. Its function is similar with Ozone (O3), which become sterilizer and supplier of O2. The theory developed by one of Japanese expert says that pain is cause by oxygen shortage.

5). Allaying weariness and rheumatic pain.

weariness and rheumatic pain are usually caused by precipation of lactat acid in the muscles, caused by uncomplete combustion. Squalene is rich of oxygen and supply the oxygen to all of body tissues. All of lactat acid which precipate in the muscles will be oxidizer to become CO2, H2O and energy. Then the function of muscles will be relieved and body will feel fresh and healthy.

6). moisten, smooth out and soften skin.

7). Efficacious for gastritis and duodenum.

It is reported in one of medical magazine that squalene is efficacious to cure gastritis and duodenum without side-effect.

8). Preventing from Cancer

Squalene consists of terpene and triterpene compound as explained in point 3. The subtance in squalene can activate and enhance T lymphosit cells, especially natural killer cell. Natural killer cell is the killer of cancer cells.

9). stabilize heart activity

Previous researchs showed that consumsing squalene or other fish oil can decrease the risk of death caused by heart attack.