Friday, September 12, 2008

Tiens Zinc Supplement

Zinc is a important mineral that is found in almost all over the body cell. Research has proven that zinc, although small in quantities, is really needed by the body. Hundred kinds of body enzyme are formed by zinc. Zinc also has a role in the unification process of protein and nucelid acid, so it directly influence cell splitting, growth and regeneration.

Moreover zinc has close relationship with child's intelligence. Children lack of zinc will experience disturbance in their intelligence's growth. The main cause of zinc shortage in the body is because of unadequate supply of riched-zinc and there is still very low of efficient use of the zinc substance from plants.

The Side-Effect of Zinc Shortage
The deficiency in zinc substance will hamper human's growth, and will bring mouth infection, short-sighted, ulcer in mouth cavity, acne, hair fell, lost of appetite, late of menstruation, barrent, low of sexual desire, wound that difficult to recover and etc.
Zinc supplement developed by Tiens Group is easy to be absorbed by the body, stable quality, and has been passing through several experiments. Although it is consumed over long period of time, it does not cause poisoning and negative side-effect.
tiens zinc supplement are a composition of zinc lactate, egg protein powder and glucose. All of them give maximum positive effect to absorbtion proccess of zinc in the body.

Recommended of zinc consumption daily:
mature 10-20 mg a day
Woman 25-30 mg a day
Pregnant and breast feeding woman 30-40 mg a day
Baby 3-5 mg a day
Children 10 mg a day