Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiens Lingzhe Spore

lingzhe fungus (its latine name is Ganoderma Lucidum) is known in Japan as Reishi and in Japan as youngchi. The using of the fungus has thousand years of history.

In the ancient time the fungus was regarded as the fungus of God because of its capability to treat various kinds of illness. Before Lingzhe cultivation method was found, the fungus price was very expensive due to its difficulty to be found. Today, Lingzhe fungus can be cultivated widely, so its benefit can be enjoyed by all human being.

Tianshi Lingzhe Spore contains 100% of natural Lingzhe Spore with no other additives. It is cultivated under special supervision so as its quality is guaranteed.

The Active Ingredient of Lingzhe
The result of laboratory research shows that the content of active substance in Lingzhe fungus are polysaccharide, ganoderic essence, triterpenoids (anti inflammation substance), protein and fibre, potassium, magnesium,calcium and germanium.

The Benefit of Lingzhe Spore
The active substances mentioned above, especially polysaccaride and triterpenoids, have the benefit such as:
  • increase body metabolism
  • help improving skin network
  • help reducing hypertension and cholesterol
  • Terpene active substances in Lingzhe functions as antioxidant. The substances can prevent and press the cultivation of cancer cells or the tumor. Moreover, Lingzhe is rich of polysaccaride, which is also useful to prevent cancer.
  • contains anti-histamine, useful to alleviate allergy (such as skin allergy, hay fever and asthma)
  • contains anti inflammation substances, which is useful to cure infection and prevent from Alzheimer. The disease emerges because of inflammation in brain area. Anti inflammation substance can slow down the proccess of brain degeneration.
  • reduces the stroke risk and heart attack. Genoderma has capability to reduce the viscosity of blood, so as the circulation of blood is smoother and the obstruction of blood vessels could be prevented.
The instruction:
  • 2 capsules, 2 times a day.
  • the excessive dose (2-9 gram) in a long period can cause diarrhoea and headache.
  • Until now, there is prohobition of Lingzhe's use for other illness sufferers. But it is not unrecommended for pregnant woman and children.
The differences of Lingzhe Tianshi Product with Others Other products are made from Lingzhe fungus which is rolled and processed to become a powder. While Tianshi Lingzhe spore is made from Lingzhe fungus spores.

The idea is based on the result of Tianshi research which is found that the fungus spores evidently contains most nutrients compare with the fungus. Its nutritive value is 80%.

The unique process of cultivating Lingzhe spores enables Tiens to gather in one capsule 20 - 30 lingzhe fungi. So the difference is that Tiens Lingzhe Spora contains much more nutrient than any other products and make it more powerful and more useful.