Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tiens Aculife Spec Product

Tiens Life Electro-Acupuncture is a product resulting from the integration of the 5,000-year old traditional Chinese Acupuncture medical knowledge and modern immunity preventive medical technology. Through the stimulation of hand and ear acupointsby extra long magnetic wave, the product can improve the micro-circulation of human body, accelerate the metabolism and enhance immunity to prevent various modern diseases. In addition, the product has the effect of mild heat massage to eliminate fatigue and promote blood circulation.

  1. Detecting Acupoints Location: This guidebook helps you easily detect the correct position(s) of acupoint(s).
  2. promoting Blood Circulation: magnetic waves to stimulate accupoints to promote blood circulation achieving the same as traditional acupuncture.
  3. Magnetism Effect: Magnetic waves to magnetize body fluids and increase the body's immunity againts diseases.
  4. Healthcare: Enhanced immunity effectively prevents ilnesses or diseases.
  5. Dual Relieve Method: be in total control of your health. "Palm Acupoints" and the "Ear Acupoints" can be affected in combination.
  6. Easy to operate: Device is suitable for the whole family as it is easy and safe to use.
  7. Light & portable: Take it with you wherever you go -anytime! Anywhere!
  8. LCD Display: LCD display indicates frequency of the magnetic wave and duration adjustments of frequency and timing to suit individual preference.
Ancient Chinese imperial medical records indicated that generations of medical practitioners have affirmed that 6 out of 12 meridians in the human body are connected to the ear and palm.

It has been proven that by stimulating the ear and palm meridians, it is possible to detect your health condition by monitoring the changes of the electro-magnetic magnitude. When there are illnesses, the meridian will have lower Electro-magnetic magnitude. A needle tingling sensation will be felt when Aculife detects these changes. Aculife is also able to correct these changes which can allow body to heal by itself.

Tiens Aculife patents:
- United States Patent no. Us 6, 285, 905B1
- Japan patent Register No. 3065692
- Australia Patent No. 55027/00
- Korea Patent No. 0184917
- Germany Patent No. Nr299 11 259.4
- Taiwan Patent Invent No. 177857
- malaysia Patent No. MY-120391
- We are acquiring patents of other countries in succession.
- FDA Number K051197
- Taiwan Medical Equipment No. 001205

8F-2, No. 61, Sec.2, Kung Yi Road,
Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C.
ISO9001 / 13485

Tianshi Health products, Inc. (Taiwan)
27F-A, no. 7, Sec 5, Xin Yi Rd., Xin Yi District,
Taipei City 110, Taiwan R.O.C.
Tel. 886-2-8101-0788 FAX: 886-2-8101-0789

CE representative:
Prism Management Services Ltd.
Unit 12B Parkmore Industrial Estate,
Longmile Road, Dublin 12, Ireland

1. Power Supply: DC 9V (can be connected with AC/DC Converter)
2. Display: LCD
3. Powe: On / Off push button
4. Material of Power Button: Silicon
5. Range of frequency: 1-60Hz (adjustable)
6. Electric Current: 2.3 - 12uA
7. Resustance of Silicon: 250-300ohm
8. Power of Consumtion: 60mA
9. Size: 119.74 mm (L) x 65mm (W) x 31.12 mm (H)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why Should We consume Tiens’ Supplement?

Data collected by WHO (World Health Organization) in 1999 showed that death was mostly caused by degenerative illness, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis and hypertension. WHO predicts degenerative illness will up to 73% in 2020.

2020 is still fourteen years to go; yet we should ask ourselves, “Do we belong to that 73%?” This question reminds us to do self –introspection whether we have applied healthy and balanced life style. Unhealthy life style leads to the illness as it does not happen out of a sudden, but it is influenced by our life style.

Do you belong to the 73% who has high risk in degenerative illness in the next few years? These following questions might help you to detect.

  1. Do you consume healthy food regulary?
  2. Do you work out regulary at least two and half an hour every week?
  3. Are you not a smoker or perhaps a passive smoker?
  4. Do you sleep eight hours a day?
  5. Is your environment free from air pollution?
  6. Are you not an alcohol consumer?
  7. Do you not like to consume drugs (ectasy, cocaine)?
  8. Do you not have relatives that have diabetes mellitus, stroke, hypertension, osteoporosis, heart problem and cancer?

If you answer “no” at least four out of eight questions, you should be careful because you might have risk to suffer from degenerative illness.

The above eight questions explains why WHO predicts that in 2020 most death caused by degenerative illness keeps increasing. In fact, the pollution is getting worse year by year as the number of people who have cars and motorcycles increases. The misuse of drugs also rises. Moreover the increasing lifestyle demand in city leads to an unhealthy life since people do no have time to exercise and rest. Besides that, people tend to choose fast food that is fatty instead of the healthy one. This kind of life style leads people to suffer from degenerative illness whether they realize or not. If the time comes, then they will realize that health is the most precious thing in their life.

Healthy body helps us in doing our activities. According to WHO, someone is considered healthy if he does not only have any illness, physical defect and weakness body, but also have a dynamic healthy body physically, spiritually and socially. In accordance with that, Act section 23, 1992 determines health as an affluent body, mental and social that might lead everyone to be productive. In other words, we will not be productive fi we do not have healthy body. So, don’t let this happen. In order to be healthy, do these following things regulary to help lessen the high risk of degenrative illness:

  1. Eat healthy food regulary.
  2. Work out at least two and half an hour every week.
  3. Avoid smoking, consuming alcohol and drugs.
  4. Take a rest for about eight hours daily.
  5. Avoid and reduce the pollution around us.
  6. Consume food supplement regulary.

Why do we need supplement?

The sixth tip recommends us the importance of consuming supplements. Here are some reasons.

  1. The life style demand leads people to consume fast food that is low in nutrition as people are too busy to cook high nutrition foods.
  2. Balanced diet foods are in fact not adequate enough to fulfill daily micro nutrition.
  3. Daily nutrition is insufficient due to the hectic activities, therefore we need to consume food supplements to boost up our energy.

Without taking any food supplement, we will not have enough nutrition for our body. Sooner or later, our body stamina will be decreasing. As a result, we will easily catch a cold. By taking Tiens’ food supplement, such as beneficial and Cordyceps, we will have a healthier body. Tiens’ food supplement ias also a good supplementary in medical therapy to have a rapid recovery. Hence, Tiens’ food supplement has become the most popular supplement to heal any diseases and protect our health for a long term period. In short, Tiens’ food supplement is a valuable investment for your health.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Accupoint is Really Superb

My name is Nining Suningrat, 28 years old. I had a problem on my left foot for eight years. When relapsed, it was really painful. I felt nothing when touched on the spot but it really hurt at night. I often woke up in my sleep because of pain.

I am really grateful for meeting Mrs. Yuliza Mugi Hartika (Bronze Lion). She suggested me to use Tiens products. At first, I did not believe and I feared of its side effects because, nowadays, threre are no products which are not free from chemical contents. She, however, convinced mer with the excellence of Tiens products. Finally, I tried to consume Calcium 1, Cordyceps, Antilipemic tea, and Accupoint.

I used Accupoint every night, before sleeping, by pushed it to the spots that hurt, especially my left foot. I dit it regulary for a month. Usually, after 15 minutes of using Accupoint, I fell asleep till morning, even without any dreams. Thanks God, my left foot is now back normal. I can feel the touches or pinches. I also had a stomach problem. One day, when I had a seminar, I felt extreme pain in my stomach that I could not walk or breath. I almost lost my conscience on that moment. A bag with an Accupoint inside almost fell off my hand. I was immediately aware of it and took the Accupoint. I pushed it to my stomach which was so painful and I was query. In fifteen minutes the pain has gone and then I could break wind. After that, the pain dissapeared at all. I decided to have a meal and totally forgot that I had a terrible pain just 30 minutes before. I also took Double Cellulose on that time.

Since I had the Accupoint, I carry it wherever I go. Flatulence problem that happens to my family could be ressolved by this Accupoint. I have no worries to any health problem as products Tiens are always be with me. Thank you, Tiens! You are amazing.

The Power of Tiens

Tips for Using Cosmetics Product of Aloe Crystal Series

Do you want to be beautiful? Choose safe cosmetics. Tiens skin care products should be a choice because it was made from natural and safe ingredients for skin. For skin character of oily, use Aloe Crystal Series. This product consists of a package of Cleansing, Softener, Day Cream, Night Cream, and Eye Cream. Its peculiarity is that the product contains pearl and gold powder, make the skin felt refreshed and light.

In order to give the maximum result of using Aloe Crystal Series, make sure to use the complete series of product so as to make the skin receive comprehensive treatment. Each product has different function., like Cleansing function to clean up the skin. Day Cream to protect skin from ultra violet light exposure and to keep the skin moisturized. While Night Cream helps to rejuvenate skin cells.

Before using beauty products, you need to know how to massage your face. The following are tips that you can follow at home.

  1. When using Cleansing to clean your face, use middle finger and ring finger as these two fingers push your facial skin softly. The, use these fingers on forehead and move up and down, left and right. For cheek area, move left and right softly.
  2. Use sponge to clean the face.
  3. Use softener by smearing it to cotton and tap softly to your face.
  4. Eye Cream is smeared with ring finger and middle finger with left-and-right movement.

Follow the facial treatment regulary and patiently. The result is not instant as skin rejuvenating process takes time.

Beauty tips from Yuliza Mugi hartika (one of best leaders of marketing executive of Tiens)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Manka Capsules

Unhealthy life style and environmental pollution, in fact, have caused most men, especially those who live and work in the city area, have a weaken body immunity and are easily falling sick. The impact of this condition might lead to a more complex distinctive men's problem, such prostate problems, impotency, and early ejaculation. Data shows that more than 20 percent of men deal with these problems with a different leel of condition. As a matter of fact, the problem can be avoided and anticipates through a balanced nutrition. Owing to this problem, Tiens provides Manka Capsules, a special healthy food for men, as a solution.

Manka Capsules consist of five main ingredients:
1. Palm extract, from a virgin tropical forest in South East Asia.
2. Male Sea Bass fish extract peptide, from pacific Ocean.
3. Natural arginine amino acid.
4. Soya peptide.
5. Any minerals needed for the growth of sperms quality, such as zinc and mangan.

Manka Capsules revitalizes and maintains men's health so as not to get exhausted and sick easily, especially for those who have a hectic schedule. Manka capsule boosts up men's sexual ability and increases Manka Capsule is suitable for men above 30 years old, especially with a condition:
- Feeble body and influenza problem.
- As early ejaculation and impotency.
- Hectic life and exhausted body.
- Stress and insufficient sleeping time.

Tips to consume Manka Capsules:
  1. Consume two capsules twice a day, either in the morning and afternoon or in the evening, to maintain health.
  2. Consume four capsules 30 minutes before the sexual intercourse, to intensify sexual vitality.


So-Fe tablet is an effective food supplement to avoid and solve zinc deficiency. Each tablet consists of ferrous glauconitic, yellow hawthorn, red beet, yeast and 5 mg zinc. It also contains of 40 mg vitamin C which helps the absorption of zinc to the body.

Every person needs zinc since this substance is a basic organic element which plays an important role for our body.

So-Fe tablet is beneficial for anemia patients, grown-up kids, elder people and pregnant women. Furthermore, it improves physic and mental drowsiness after or during working out, during the recovery process as well as increases zinc and vitamin C in foods.

Direction: a tablet three times a day.


Slimpartner is a food supplement to control and decrease body weight safely and swiftly. Consisting of fiber and effective natural substances, it enhances the metabolism process of fats burning and excessive carbohydrates in the body.

How does a slimpartner work?
- Increase thermo genesis.
- Increase Lipolysis
- Block the carbohydrates
- Decrease appetite
- Have a full-feeling of meals.

Dissolve two white oval tablets in two glasses of water in the morning. Consume brown oval tablet with a glass of water before sleeping.

Vita-Mine Children, for Man and Vita-Mine Woman

Vita-Mine Children, Vita-Mine Man, and Vita-Mine Woman are food supplement with appropriate vitamin and mineral ingredients for kids and adults. This product helps fulfill vitamin and minreal daily needs.

It is recommended for fatigue and stress recovery, losing weight diet, grown-up kids, vegetarian, anemia patients, fragile hair and nails, appetite boost, physical and mental recovery.

Vita-Mine Children: a tablet a day.
Vita-Mine Man: a tablet a day.
Vita-Mine Woman: a tablet a day.

For unhealthy condition, increase the dosage as neded.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Breast Care Apparatus

antiaging breastcare

Breast care Apparatus is created based on the mixed concept of psychology, East and West medical treatment, electronically engineering, automatic control, bioelectricity, music electricity, as well as the increasing of bioactive elements in breast care. Its is very useful for health; breast care and breast cancer prevention.

The main functions:
It is a breast pressure free. This relaxation prevents your breasts from aging.
Bionic Massage:
It is totally different from traditional physical massage that only works in one frequency. Bionic massage works in three dimensions.

Endocrine balance control:
It is created with a music procedure that is able to stimulate brain to maximize metabolism, increase the lymph function and blood circulation, balance the endocrine, as well as prevent the breast cancer.

Breast Charming:
It can stimulate the hormonal production, tighten the breasts and retighten the loosen breasts.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hypotension Apparatus

Normalize the blood Pressure with Hypotension Apparatus

Tiens has a device for reducing hypertension, called Hypotension Apparatus (Balance Apparatus for Physical Biological Electricity). The discus shaped device, which normalizes the blood pressure, works in two ways: decreasing the hypertension and increasing the hypotension. It works by neutralizing body bioelectric activity. Our body has biologic electricity current which is used by medical experts to check patients’ conditions; for instance, EKG is used to check heart activity and EEG is used to check brain activity. The illness happens if there is a bioelectric problem. If the problem is solved, the body will work well.

Hypotension Apparatus is a useful device to solve any kinds of health problems. Some of them are:

  1. Normalize the blood pressure.
  2. Overcome the pain.
  3. Heal the migraine.
  4. Avoid hair loss.
  5. Avoid grey hairs.

The effective ways to use Hypotension Apparatus:

  1. Comb it onto head for three to five minutes each day.
  2. For mild cases, do therapy for five to seven weeks regualry. For moderate severe cases, do it for nine to eleven weeks and for severe cases, do it for thirteen to fifteen weeks.
  3. Put the apparatus on the hurt parts of the body to overcome the pain.
  4. Do the therapy regulary by using apparatus at the same time every day; for instance do it before sleeping every night.
  5. To save time, do the therapy while doing other activities. To exemplify, while watching TV or on the way to your office.
  6. Stop the therapy if the illness has recovered; however, you are suggested to use the apparatus for twice or three times a week to maintain your health.
  7. Keep consuming the doctor’s medicines during the therapy. If the blood pressure is decreasing while taking the medicines, it means your hypertension is getting better. So it’s time to reduce the dosage of the medicine.
  8. Bring the apparatus everywhere you go to prevent sudden hypertension or migraine attack, as it is small and easily carried in your bag.
  9. You can use this apparatus in any condition, even in the wet hair.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pine Pollen Powder

Pine pollen is a substance-growing cell of a pine tree flower. This product is made of pine tree extract which is rich in nutrition such as protein, amino acids, mineral, enzyme, nucleate acid, falconoid, sugar and polysaccharide. More than 200 kinds of nutritions are in the pine tree extract; as a result, this extract offers a complete supplement, balances nutrition and has a high health a beauty care maintain.

Pine pollen is an ideal safe supplement for athletics as the China Olympic Research Centre has proved that it does not contain any hazardous substance.

The Advantages:
1). To strengthen and to endure fatigue
The special substance in pine pollen improves metabolism in our body; increases the function and vitality of any organ system in our body; fights against the lack of oxygen; freshens weak body; endures fatgue, headache, forgetfulness and any other chronicle fatigue problems; increases concentration as well as calms and decreases stress.

2). As a natural cosmetics
The pine pollen is rich in vitamins and micronutrients that can improve skin nutritional metabolism, cure pimples, freckles, dandruff and other skin diseases.

3). To prevent artery disease and heart problems
The pine pollen is useful for decreasing cholesterol, minimizing the cholesterol precipitate in artery, increasing the refraction of artery to keep the blood pressure steady, and preventing kinds of artery diseases and heart problems.

4). To increase immunity and to prevent any infected diseases and tumor
The pine pollen consists of substances that can strengthen immunity, so the body immune system is increasing; cure any disease so that it enhances immunity to fight against diseases; as well `alaihis salam reduce the infection, tumor and immunity disease.

5). To boost up metabolism and appetite
Amino acids and active enzyme in pine pollen help maintain metabolism, stimulate digestive secretory gland and increase appetite as well as diminish the growth of unnecessary microbes in the digestive system and restrain any digestive problems.

6). To prevent aging
Pharmacology research proves that pine pollen consists of anti-oxidants in large quantity, such as vitamin E, carotene and micronutrient. It decreases lipid oxidant reaction and protein in the body, omits the free radical, blocks tissue cell aging, increases metabolism and other tissue functions.

7). To increase the child’s healthy growth
Pine pollen nutrition is easily digested and absorbed in child’s body. This is “a short way” to increase the child’s nutrition.

3 times a day, 6 capsules each time, taken with warm water.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Eel Oil Softgels

Modern medical research shows that Anguilla Japonica fish is rich in vitamins and micronutrients, especially vitamin B1 –that is 25 times better, vitamin B2 –that is 5 times better, and vitamin A –that is 45 times better than those in milk. The Anguilla japonica contains lots of vitamin D and E, and also the amino acid of greasy algae and ribonucleic acid.

The main ingredients and the Benefits of the Product
Anguilla Japonica Cod liver Oil Capsule is made of fresh fish spine which consist of three main subtances: DHA, EPA and AKG. DHA and EPA are accurately able to reduce the blood grease in the body. DHA is important substance for eyes membrane. AKG is a significant antioxidant that stimulates the development of immunity cells; increases the amount of leukocyte, liver and thrombosis cell; boosts up the activity of immunity cells; maximizes the function of immunity and sterilizes the free radical in the cells.

The benefits of the product:

  1. Reducing the amount of LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) in the blood and preventing atherosclerosis disease.
  2. Enhancing the circulation of blood capillary, maintaining blood pressure and healing the brain vessel disease.
  3. Reducing fatigue and controlling immunity.
  4. Being an antioxidant to leave poison off and prevent aging.
  5. Healing myopia, hypermetropy, glaucoma, dried eyes illness due to eyes fatigue.
  6. Maximizing the development of cerebrum, increasing memory, preventing the reducing of nerve cell and dimensional disease.
  7. Recovering from rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis.
  8. Increasing immunity and healing asthma problem.

Twice a day, three capsules each time, taken with warm water.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Tiens Seabuckthorn Soft Gel Capsules

Seabuckthorn is a kind of fern plant that has become a valuable biology source which is able to adapt well and improve environment. Seabuckthorn has lots of branches and thick leaves. It is one of the subtances in fertilizer, weft and fuel. Its stems and fruits contain high nutrition so it is usually used a one the materials in food industry and medicines.

The Main Ingredients and the Advantages of the Product
Seabuckthorn softgel capsules is made of high quality Seabuckthorn fruit extract. The seabuckthorn gel consists of anthocyanins, cathetin, prostogeron and other micronutrients that are needed. The functions are as following:
  • To increase the function of liver muscle reduction, omit free radical, prevent coronary heart disease, angina pectoris --heart problem due to lack of blood.
  • To decrease blood grease, enlarge blood viscosity, maximize blood circulation and fortify the function of heart.
  • To control the function of body immunity, enlarge the function of blood pressure, omit free radical, fight against oxidation, increase immunity and prevent aging.
  • To fight against bacterium, heal the inflammation, fever, burn and cervix infection.
  • To cure inflammation and ulcers, enhance the inflamation in the digestive system, provide nutrition to stomach and liver, boost up the function of mucous membrane in digestive system, control nerves function and digestive system, as well as increase the absorption of nutrition.
  • To fight againts radiation, protect liver, lungs and spinal cord.
  • To maximize the sense of feeling in epidermis and to boost up beauty.
Three times a day, two capsules each time, taken before eating with warm water.