Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Manka Capsules

Unhealthy life style and environmental pollution, in fact, have caused most men, especially those who live and work in the city area, have a weaken body immunity and are easily falling sick. The impact of this condition might lead to a more complex distinctive men's problem, such prostate problems, impotency, and early ejaculation. Data shows that more than 20 percent of men deal with these problems with a different leel of condition. As a matter of fact, the problem can be avoided and anticipates through a balanced nutrition. Owing to this problem, Tiens provides Manka Capsules, a special healthy food for men, as a solution.

Manka Capsules consist of five main ingredients:
1. Palm extract, from a virgin tropical forest in South East Asia.
2. Male Sea Bass fish extract peptide, from pacific Ocean.
3. Natural arginine amino acid.
4. Soya peptide.
5. Any minerals needed for the growth of sperms quality, such as zinc and mangan.

Manka Capsules revitalizes and maintains men's health so as not to get exhausted and sick easily, especially for those who have a hectic schedule. Manka capsule boosts up men's sexual ability and increases Manka Capsule is suitable for men above 30 years old, especially with a condition:
- Feeble body and influenza problem.
- As early ejaculation and impotency.
- Hectic life and exhausted body.
- Stress and insufficient sleeping time.

Tips to consume Manka Capsules:
  1. Consume two capsules twice a day, either in the morning and afternoon or in the evening, to maintain health.
  2. Consume four capsules 30 minutes before the sexual intercourse, to intensify sexual vitality.


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