Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why Should We consume Tiens’ Supplement?

Data collected by WHO (World Health Organization) in 1999 showed that death was mostly caused by degenerative illness, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis and hypertension. WHO predicts degenerative illness will up to 73% in 2020.

2020 is still fourteen years to go; yet we should ask ourselves, “Do we belong to that 73%?” This question reminds us to do self –introspection whether we have applied healthy and balanced life style. Unhealthy life style leads to the illness as it does not happen out of a sudden, but it is influenced by our life style.

Do you belong to the 73% who has high risk in degenerative illness in the next few years? These following questions might help you to detect.

  1. Do you consume healthy food regulary?
  2. Do you work out regulary at least two and half an hour every week?
  3. Are you not a smoker or perhaps a passive smoker?
  4. Do you sleep eight hours a day?
  5. Is your environment free from air pollution?
  6. Are you not an alcohol consumer?
  7. Do you not like to consume drugs (ectasy, cocaine)?
  8. Do you not have relatives that have diabetes mellitus, stroke, hypertension, osteoporosis, heart problem and cancer?

If you answer “no” at least four out of eight questions, you should be careful because you might have risk to suffer from degenerative illness.

The above eight questions explains why WHO predicts that in 2020 most death caused by degenerative illness keeps increasing. In fact, the pollution is getting worse year by year as the number of people who have cars and motorcycles increases. The misuse of drugs also rises. Moreover the increasing lifestyle demand in city leads to an unhealthy life since people do no have time to exercise and rest. Besides that, people tend to choose fast food that is fatty instead of the healthy one. This kind of life style leads people to suffer from degenerative illness whether they realize or not. If the time comes, then they will realize that health is the most precious thing in their life.

Healthy body helps us in doing our activities. According to WHO, someone is considered healthy if he does not only have any illness, physical defect and weakness body, but also have a dynamic healthy body physically, spiritually and socially. In accordance with that, Act section 23, 1992 determines health as an affluent body, mental and social that might lead everyone to be productive. In other words, we will not be productive fi we do not have healthy body. So, don’t let this happen. In order to be healthy, do these following things regulary to help lessen the high risk of degenrative illness:

  1. Eat healthy food regulary.
  2. Work out at least two and half an hour every week.
  3. Avoid smoking, consuming alcohol and drugs.
  4. Take a rest for about eight hours daily.
  5. Avoid and reduce the pollution around us.
  6. Consume food supplement regulary.

Why do we need supplement?

The sixth tip recommends us the importance of consuming supplements. Here are some reasons.

  1. The life style demand leads people to consume fast food that is low in nutrition as people are too busy to cook high nutrition foods.
  2. Balanced diet foods are in fact not adequate enough to fulfill daily micro nutrition.
  3. Daily nutrition is insufficient due to the hectic activities, therefore we need to consume food supplements to boost up our energy.

Without taking any food supplement, we will not have enough nutrition for our body. Sooner or later, our body stamina will be decreasing. As a result, we will easily catch a cold. By taking Tiens’ food supplement, such as beneficial and Cordyceps, we will have a healthier body. Tiens’ food supplement ias also a good supplementary in medical therapy to have a rapid recovery. Hence, Tiens’ food supplement has become the most popular supplement to heal any diseases and protect our health for a long term period. In short, Tiens’ food supplement is a valuable investment for your health.