Friday, May 09, 2008

Tiens Seabuckthorn Soft Gel Capsules

Seabuckthorn is a kind of fern plant that has become a valuable biology source which is able to adapt well and improve environment. Seabuckthorn has lots of branches and thick leaves. It is one of the subtances in fertilizer, weft and fuel. Its stems and fruits contain high nutrition so it is usually used a one the materials in food industry and medicines.

The Main Ingredients and the Advantages of the Product
Seabuckthorn softgel capsules is made of high quality Seabuckthorn fruit extract. The seabuckthorn gel consists of anthocyanins, cathetin, prostogeron and other micronutrients that are needed. The functions are as following:
  • To increase the function of liver muscle reduction, omit free radical, prevent coronary heart disease, angina pectoris --heart problem due to lack of blood.
  • To decrease blood grease, enlarge blood viscosity, maximize blood circulation and fortify the function of heart.
  • To control the function of body immunity, enlarge the function of blood pressure, omit free radical, fight against oxidation, increase immunity and prevent aging.
  • To fight against bacterium, heal the inflammation, fever, burn and cervix infection.
  • To cure inflammation and ulcers, enhance the inflamation in the digestive system, provide nutrition to stomach and liver, boost up the function of mucous membrane in digestive system, control nerves function and digestive system, as well as increase the absorption of nutrition.
  • To fight againts radiation, protect liver, lungs and spinal cord.
  • To maximize the sense of feeling in epidermis and to boost up beauty.
Three times a day, two capsules each time, taken before eating with warm water.