Saturday, May 24, 2008

Accupoint is Really Superb

My name is Nining Suningrat, 28 years old. I had a problem on my left foot for eight years. When relapsed, it was really painful. I felt nothing when touched on the spot but it really hurt at night. I often woke up in my sleep because of pain.

I am really grateful for meeting Mrs. Yuliza Mugi Hartika (Bronze Lion). She suggested me to use Tiens products. At first, I did not believe and I feared of its side effects because, nowadays, threre are no products which are not free from chemical contents. She, however, convinced mer with the excellence of Tiens products. Finally, I tried to consume Calcium 1, Cordyceps, Antilipemic tea, and Accupoint.

I used Accupoint every night, before sleeping, by pushed it to the spots that hurt, especially my left foot. I dit it regulary for a month. Usually, after 15 minutes of using Accupoint, I fell asleep till morning, even without any dreams. Thanks God, my left foot is now back normal. I can feel the touches or pinches. I also had a stomach problem. One day, when I had a seminar, I felt extreme pain in my stomach that I could not walk or breath. I almost lost my conscience on that moment. A bag with an Accupoint inside almost fell off my hand. I was immediately aware of it and took the Accupoint. I pushed it to my stomach which was so painful and I was query. In fifteen minutes the pain has gone and then I could break wind. After that, the pain dissapeared at all. I decided to have a meal and totally forgot that I had a terrible pain just 30 minutes before. I also took Double Cellulose on that time.

Since I had the Accupoint, I carry it wherever I go. Flatulence problem that happens to my family could be ressolved by this Accupoint. I have no worries to any health problem as products Tiens are always be with me. Thank you, Tiens! You are amazing.

The Power of Tiens