Monday, May 12, 2008

Pine Pollen Powder

Pine pollen is a substance-growing cell of a pine tree flower. This product is made of pine tree extract which is rich in nutrition such as protein, amino acids, mineral, enzyme, nucleate acid, falconoid, sugar and polysaccharide. More than 200 kinds of nutritions are in the pine tree extract; as a result, this extract offers a complete supplement, balances nutrition and has a high health a beauty care maintain.

Pine pollen is an ideal safe supplement for athletics as the China Olympic Research Centre has proved that it does not contain any hazardous substance.

The Advantages:
1). To strengthen and to endure fatigue
The special substance in pine pollen improves metabolism in our body; increases the function and vitality of any organ system in our body; fights against the lack of oxygen; freshens weak body; endures fatgue, headache, forgetfulness and any other chronicle fatigue problems; increases concentration as well as calms and decreases stress.

2). As a natural cosmetics
The pine pollen is rich in vitamins and micronutrients that can improve skin nutritional metabolism, cure pimples, freckles, dandruff and other skin diseases.

3). To prevent artery disease and heart problems
The pine pollen is useful for decreasing cholesterol, minimizing the cholesterol precipitate in artery, increasing the refraction of artery to keep the blood pressure steady, and preventing kinds of artery diseases and heart problems.

4). To increase immunity and to prevent any infected diseases and tumor
The pine pollen consists of substances that can strengthen immunity, so the body immune system is increasing; cure any disease so that it enhances immunity to fight against diseases; as well `alaihis salam reduce the infection, tumor and immunity disease.

5). To boost up metabolism and appetite
Amino acids and active enzyme in pine pollen help maintain metabolism, stimulate digestive secretory gland and increase appetite as well as diminish the growth of unnecessary microbes in the digestive system and restrain any digestive problems.

6). To prevent aging
Pharmacology research proves that pine pollen consists of anti-oxidants in large quantity, such as vitamin E, carotene and micronutrient. It decreases lipid oxidant reaction and protein in the body, omits the free radical, blocks tissue cell aging, increases metabolism and other tissue functions.

7). To increase the child’s healthy growth
Pine pollen nutrition is easily digested and absorbed in child’s body. This is “a short way” to increase the child’s nutrition.

3 times a day, 6 capsules each time, taken with warm water.


Mike said...

Yes, Pine Pollen is amazing. I found it two years ago and have been taking it ever since. My mom is controlling her diabetes with pine pollen and has reduced her medication with the approval of her doctor.

Adi Afifa Kurnia said...

Thank you for your testimonial, Mike. Hope your mom relieve immediately from her diabetes using Pine Pollen.