Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fatigon Hydro +

Do you want to keep your health by convenient way? Then if you are in Indonesia, you can buy a natural fruit drink produced by Kalbe Farma. This healthy drink named Fatigon Hydro + is derived from a natural coconut water, added with some useful nutrients.

Why do We Must Choose a Natural One?
Active agent in synthetic matter is lower by 50-70% than in natural substance. Waste material from synthetic matter will become scrapheap in the body, and sometime can change into toxic substance.

Journal of Natural Medicine–Natural vs Synthetic of Vitamins & Minerals wrote that synthetic matter medically arouse repulsive reaction from the body, whereas the natural one did not.

Center for Health Education and Research suggests to consume vitamin and mineral from natural food, without process using synthetic substance.

Isobel Jennings dari Cambridge University said that active biology content of synthetic matter decreased 50-70% compare with the natural one, using light polarization test

Dr. Charles Schneider, Ph.D., a professor of Chemistry Department, University of Cincinnati suggested to always use natural vitamin, although the synthetic one is cheaper.

According to FDA/ Codex Alimentarius, natural substance is directly derived from animal or plant, not be produced synthetically.

The Benefits of Fatigon Hydro +