Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bali Shark Oil Squalene

Bali Shark Oil Squalene is obtained from Tuna fishing boats. The ships do not actually hunt dogfish, but catching tuna fishes to be exported to Japan. We do not directly pack the squalene we obtain after buying it from the boats, but at first we precipate it at about 3 days. Then we refine it with special filter to get the best product. From all of our oil we get from the fisherman, it is only 50% - 70% squalene we can pack into the bottles.

The Efficacy of Squalene
1). Protecting liver and Healing its Diseases Report from the hospitals of Tokyo University and Fakuoka, including Japan National Hospital shows that squalene can heal hepatitis patients.

2). efficacious to heal Diabetes Melitus, because it can stabilize sugar-content in blood.

3). Strengthening body immune.

Japanese doctors believe that if squalene is routinely consumed, it can repair body immune system. It is because squalene molecul consists of polimer isoprene, which is called terpene and triterpene. The substance is proved it can to be interferon inducer. Interferon can increase both amount and activity of cells in bone marrow, lymph gland, liver and thymus. The cells which activated and reinfoced are primarily T and B lymphosit cells and macrofag cells. That is why before the invention of antibiotic medicine, squalene was widely used in Japan to cure tubercolusis, hepatitis, diabetes, fever, and etc.

4). Disinfection of wound.

Squalene is an effective oxygen supplier. Its function is similar with Ozone (O3), which become sterilizer and supplier of O2. The theory developed by one of Japanese expert says that pain is cause by oxygen shortage.

5). Allaying weariness and rheumatic pain.

weariness and rheumatic pain are usually caused by precipation of lactat acid in the muscles, caused by uncomplete combustion. Squalene is rich of oxygen and supply the oxygen to all of body tissues. All of lactat acid which precipate in the muscles will be oxidizer to become CO2, H2O and energy. Then the function of muscles will be relieved and body will feel fresh and healthy.

6). moisten, smooth out and soften skin.

7). Efficacious for gastritis and duodenum.

It is reported in one of medical magazine that squalene is efficacious to cure gastritis and duodenum without side-effect.

8). Preventing from Cancer

Squalene consists of terpene and triterpene compound as explained in point 3. The subtance in squalene can activate and enhance T lymphosit cells, especially natural killer cell. Natural killer cell is the killer of cancer cells.

9). stabilize heart activity

Previous researchs showed that consumsing squalene or other fish oil can decrease the risk of death caused by heart attack.