Sunday, August 08, 2010


Muncord capsules is a newest package of cordyceps mycellium capsules. Some improvement is added in the product in order to make muncord capsules better in quality and in its potent to cure.

Muncord capsules has main ingredients:
Cordyceps Fermented, Mycellium Powder

Other ingredients:
Lipid, Protein, Vit. B12, Cordyceps Cordycepsin Acid.
Every 100 gram contains Adenosine >= 0,15 gram, Mammie >= 6 gram.

Tiens Company guarantees the product uses genuine species of wild Cordyceps Sinensis cultivated from the high plateaus of China and Tibet, since there are so many other products of cordyceps does not use cordyceps sinensis, but its substitutes (Cordyceps ophioglossoides, Cordyceps capita, and Cordyceps militaris). It is because Cordyceps Sinensis is very expensive and difficult to buy outside China and Tibet. The lower quality product of cordyceps is cultivated outside the origin soil of the plant, and grow on on the soybeans.

So if you want to consume the best product of cordyceps, you have to choose Tiens Muncord capsules.

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