Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vermint Capsules


Ekstrak Lumbricus Rubellus 250mg

How to Consume:
Adult: 3 x 2 capsules a day.
children: 3 x 1 capsule a day.
No side effect.

Vermint capsules are made from 100% pure extract of lumbricus rubellus worm. Each capsule contains 250 mg lumbricus rubellus extract. This supplement is produced by PT. Vermindo International, Indonesia, since 1997 and it is easy to buy it at nearest drug store in Indonesia, especially in the island of Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan (Borneo).

Lumbricus Rubellus worm is extensively used as a traditional medicine in China and Korea. Research done by the expert of those countries show that this kind of worm can be used to cure effectively stroke and heart diseases, since it can dissolve blood vessel clotting in heart and brain. Even it can cure infection in blood vessel and smoothen blood circulation.

The Superiority of Lumbricus Rubellus extract:
1. Work by way of bio medicine, so it does not have side effect.
2. safe for all ages (adult and children, even infant)
3. Safe to consume continually at long time.
4. safe to consume together with prescribed medicine.

1. typhus and high fever
2. migraine and ambeien
3. high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and stroke
4. brochitis, asthma, liver or hepatitis
5. rheumatic, gout
6. arterioclerosis, agina pertosis
7. hypherlipdemia
8. anemia and hypotension
7. echema
8. dhiarea, and all intestine and digestion disease
9. increase intelligence and concentration
10. keep and increase body vitality.
11. desiccate burn wound and dissapear wound trace of surgical operation.
12. Good for pregnant women.

If you have any difficulty in finding the kind of this extracted medicine in your nearest areas, you can order to me. Please send me an email or sms to my phone number. The price in US dollar is 3 $ for 12 capsules / bottle and 5 $ for 30 capsules / bottle, excluded postage.