Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Awards for Vigor / Grape Extract Capsules

The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Association Technologie Nouvelle De France (ATN) named three TIENS products, Grape Extract Capsules, Cordyceps Capsules and Spirulina Capsules, as Products Recommended to the EEC.
- The World Promotion Association of the United Nations granted TIENS products the status of official products of UN.

TIENS Grape Extract Capsules were named the "Top10 Healthcare Products" at the Second China International Healthcare Far.

TIENS Grape Extract Capsules won the Golden Award of the Second China New Medicine, Specific Medicine and Healthcare Products Fair.

Other Awards
  • Gold Award as 2nd New Product of Special Health Care
  • Award as ten Superior Products of Health Care, during 2nd Exhibition of International Health Care Product, China.
  • Award as High Quality Chinese Product from Supervisor Commision of Quality and Technology, French.
  • Award as one of healthcare products recommended for Europe Union market.
  • Grape Extract Capsules won award of “Break Through Achievement” from Tianjin Medical Science Society as being the first product that can produce by modern technology, and it is called as “The Future Medicine”.