Friday, August 13, 2010

Tiens Jiang Zhi Tea

Similar with the cordyceps capsules, Jian Zhi tea is a newest package name of Tiens Antilipemic Tea. Of course it is with some more powerful additions and better quality.

Tiens Jiang Zhi tea has key ingredient gynostema pentaphyllum (Jiao Gu Lan) plant. There are 13 species of gynostema pentaphyllum in the world, but 11 of them grow only in China. According to ancient China medicinal treatment, the plant is used to cure inflammation, neutralize poison, alleviate cough, and allay sputum.

In 1970s, Japanese expert found that gynostema pentaphyllum contained 84 kinds of glucose and its subtance composition was similar with ginseng. They then called this plant as a second ginseng.

Other ingredients:
Semen Cassie (Jue Ming Zi) = This substance is rich of calcium, vitamin A, taurine acid, micro element such as copper, zinc, selenium, etc.
Folium nelumbinis (water lily) = add body liquid, prevent thirstiness, and alleviate fever.
Radix polygoni mutiflori (Zhis Hou Wu) = it is the root of polygonum family plant, polygoni mutiflori. It is rich of vegetable lecithin, and could dissolve blood viscosity.
Green tea = contains theopolyphenol, caffeine, cocoa substance, sitrin, etc. Other benefits of green tea can be obtained from other sources since it has been widely published.

The Benefits of Jian Zhi Tea:
cure gout, cleanse blood from fat and triglicerida, soften blood vessel, increase HDL level, prevent from heart attack, slim body, and prolong age.