Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vigor Rousing / Grape Extract Capsules

Tiens Vigor Rousing Capsule or its newest name is Grape Extract Capsules are a scientific result of Chinese Microorganism Institution. It main ingredient is grape plant extracted using high bio-technology. From various test, it is known that the extract can decrease fat level in blood, lower cholesterol, and it can become antioxidant. The extract of grape plant also can control clod in blood and manage the development of cancer cells in their earlier growth.

Many international health institutions have admitted the benefits of extracted grape plant as a drug. Today, Tiens is the only company that has patent to product vigor rousing capsule. The birth of Vigor Rousing capsule is a chinese proud in the field of health and medicinal treatment.

Using Vigor Rousing Capsule, all diseases in conjunction with blood and blood vessel and high fat level will be easier to handle.

Vitis Vinifer Semen
It is a kind of plant anti-toxin resulted after the grape fermented, especially it is in grape's stem. The substance is anti-bacteria and anti-oxidation. It can ease inflammation and handle thrombosis disease.

Main Functions:
- overcome all diseases in relation with blood.
- overcome and heal leucemia.
- heal stroke
- heal coronary heart
- handle the growth of cancer cells.
- kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells.
- overcome aging.

How to consume:
3 x 2 a day for teenager and adults.
(baby and children below 12 years old and pregnant women are prohibited to consume).

Many awards have been achieved by Vigor Rousing Capsules as guaranttee that it is very high quality and safe product. Please klik here to know about these awards.