Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tiens Dream Health Matress

One third of human life is used for sleeping. Sleeping moment is the most suitable time to recover the functions of body organ which have worked hard in a day. Tiens Dream Bio-Energy Mattress can make your sleep be the best sleep in your time and recover your organ functions maximally.

How can Tiens Dream Bio-Energy Mattress do that? It is because Tiens mattress contains 374 pieces of wonderful diversely stones. These stones are source of magical healing of the mattress. The composition of stones has massage effect on muscle nerves. So it can omit weariness, increase oxygen circulation and drive out heat from the body. Its exclusive structure help you recover your health as when you are sleeping.

The Kind of Stones In the Mattress

Germanium is known as infra-red stone. It is a newest infra-red stone developed. It is produced by combining germanium itself, quartz, feldspar, loess soil and clay. The material is then heated up at the temperature of 1300 celcius by high technology. After processing, germanium stone will radiate infra-red light which its intensity is higher than any other precious stones.

For thousand years, jade stone has been used by east people as accessories to maintain their health. Many ancient medical books were written about it. Jade stone is admitted as one of natural energy source. The stone is widely used to maintain metabolism, anti-aging, enhance immune system and drive out fatigue.

Tourmaline is a crystal that has highest energy in the world. The crystal has two behavior, i.e.: pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity. pyroelectricity is a condition where tourmaline brings positive and negative contents under different temperature. Whereas piezoelectricity is vertical direction of tourmaline which come to the two end and results negative content. The negative content is then absorbed by molecules in the air and change to be negative ion.

The benefits of Tiens Matress
1. activate water molecule in the body
2. activate cells and improve metabolism
3. cleanse blood and balance blood pH.
4. raise blood circulation and improve kidney's job.
5. increase body immunity.
6. balance automatic nerves system.
7. manage body temperature

So do not hesitate to try this wonderful mattress for your health.