Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Awards for Cordyceps or Mucord Capsules

On March 20, "The Third China Credible Health Care Products and Brands Selection Activity" organized by China Health Care Association was held at the Great Hall of the People. During the activity, TIENS "Nutrient Super Calcium Powder","Cordyceps Capsules", "Vitality Softgels", "Chitosan Capsules" and other five products won the honor of "100 Credible Health Care Products in China", and TIENS won the title of "Top 10 Credible Health Care Brand in China in the Third Session". Tiens Group has won the award for several consecutive years, which proves that customers recognize and trust TIENS products.

China Healthcare Association opened its second Top China Healthcare Brands award nomination night on March 12th in Beijing in all pomp and grandeur. Tiens bagged 4 "Top 50 Most Trusted Healthcare Products" awards with Tiens Hi-Calcium, Tiens Cordicep Capsules, Tiens Chitosan Capsules and Tiens Slimming Tea plus the prestigious "Top 10 Most Trusted Brands" award. Tiens has been a big winner for the second year running, a proof of its market leadership as a manufacturer and exporter in healthcare business .

The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Association Technologie Nouvelle De France (ATN) named three TIENS products, Grape Extract Capsules, Cordyceps Capsules and Spirulina Capsules, as Products Recommended to the EEC.

Other Awards
  • Award as High Quality China Product from Supervisor Commision of Quality and Technology, French.
  • Award as one of recommended products for Uni-Eropa market.