Friday, August 27, 2010

Tiens Spirulina Capsules

The story of Spirulina was started when a French professor, found the secret of physical power of Ganimu tribe who lived at the bank of Lake Chad, Africa, in 1963. The local tribe ate greenish food which in fact fulfill their every-day nutrient to work. Their physical appearances are also good. After being examined, this wonderful food is an algae, known as spirulina. thorough research afterwards shows that spirulina is the oldest plant in the world. It exists since 350 million years ago and it is the most nutritious food ever found.

The Contents of Spirulina
  1. Spirulina contains beta-caroten 25 times than in carrot.
  2. It contains vitaminn B12 25 times than cow's liver. Vitamin B12 is important to increase energy, growth, nerve system and internal clearance.
  3. The content of Vitamin E in Spirulina is 3 times more than in wheat.
  4. Spirulina is the only plant in the world that contains GLA (Gamma Linonenic Acid). the substance can lower cholesterol level and high blood pressure, and other diseases. GLA in mother's milk help prevent baby's health.
  5. the iron in spirulina is 58 times more than in spinach and it is easier to absorb.
  6. spirulina protein is two times more than in soybean, 3 times than in cow's liver, fish and egg.
  7. Its chlorophyl content is ten times more than in green vegetables.

Functions: It balances organ systems and speeds metabolism. Spirulina also increases body's power so that body immune system works properly againts all diseases.

Tianshi Spirulina is packed in a plastic bottle, containing 100 capsules.

How to Consume:
3 x 6 capsules every day with hot water.

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