Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tibetan Garlic Capsule

Onion is one of the 10 healthiest food kinds for modern humankind. The best Onion is originated from Tibet. It contains in it amino acid, protein, B-carotene, and micro-nutrient. The Tibetan onion is better than other Chinese onions. Its value in pharmacology world is high, and had the better function for maintaining health.

The onion, ginseng, ginkgo-biloba are three champions in the market of health products. The onion use history is very old, and many said that it is like penicillin that grows from land. Chinese medical experts consider that onion is warm. It can cure dysentery and eliminate toxin, whereas modern medicine proves its superiority in eradicating the bacteria, eliminating the inflammation, reducing blood pressure, curing cancer, and not having side-effect.

The composition contains in the onion can oppose the growth, dissension, and reproduction of cancer cell, and increase body immunity. The onion contains natural vitamin C, that can increase metabolism and body resistance, and stimulates the function of oxidation. Vitamins B1 and B2 that are contained in the onion can increase the movement of intestines, help the digestion, and prevents constipation.

Main Composition:
- Aliicin. Aliicin can hamper HDL formation and trigliserida in the liver, lower cholesterol, eliminate fat and prevent the heart disease. At the same time it can eradicate germ and oppose infectious diseases.

The onion active substance contains super-oxide enzyme that can cure liver malfunction caused by alcohol, liver inflammation, and the heart disease.

The onion function to maintain health is known by the public's community, but long-term use of it tends to become bad. Tibet-Garlic Capsules combines the Crystannium extract and Dioscorea Opposita so the bad effect of consuming garlic can be eliminated.

Tibet-Garlic Capsules can:
A. Increase blood circulation, metabolism, and prevented heart blood vessels disease.
B. Slow down ageing.
C. Prevent cancer and stop the spreading of cancer cells.
D. Improve the function of digestion channel and prevent constipation.
E. Dismiss the danger of metal toxin.
F. Prevent asthma and bronchitis.
G. Cure allergy, including allergy of dust and cold, and cure nose inflammation.