Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tiens High Calcium Powder for Children

Childhood is the fastest growth period of the body and brain. if children in the period are given enough calcium supply, they will grow healthier and faster. According to the related data, the requirement for the child's calcium age 0 - 1 year is 400 mg, 1 - 3 600 mg, age over 3 years is 800 mg.

Research and production of high calcium for children is carried out based on the research report no. 5410 by the nutritionist Zhou Qiyuan. The powder then is added by high quality milk powder, egg yolk powder, and reinforced with vitamins and minerals. It is an organic calcium extracted from the backbone of mongolian cows through modern biotechnological process. This product is healthy calcium supplement ideal for children.

Milk and milk products, meat and fishes are the main sources of calcium. However, sometimes children do not like consume milk or they do not like to consume it everyday. Tiens High Calcium Powder II for Children can overcome this problem. It is because it contains 3,600 mg / 100 g of pure organic calcium. The content of calcium in this product is 174 times more comparing with beef, and 40 times more comparing with cow milk.

Because of its organic compound and Tiens' new invention technology in processing calcium, Tiens high calcium powder can be fully absorbed by the body with the level of absorbtion more than 95%. Other non-organic calciums can be absorbed by the body only 60%. The remains will stay in the body and it can gradually invite some dangerous diseases.

Tiens high calcium powder does not contain sugar cane. So it is safe for children's teeth. It also contains taurine, which is useful for brain growth, nerve transmision and eye sight. Lecithin which is in its egg yolk is good for brain health.

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