Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This product has recuperation effect that is good for diabetes. Years of observation proves that the some of human illness directly or indirectly connects with the lack of calcium.

Recently there is a significant increase of the number of diabetes sufferers. After thorough examination, it is evident that when the body lacks of calcium, it can not produce insulin normally. Whereas the increase in blood sugar, and the excessive thyroid gland secretion, could trigger diabetes emergence. Adding calcium supplement in large quantities evidently is able drastically to reduce the rate of the diabetes emergence.

The production of diabetes calcium is using sophisticated biotechnology equipment to extract organic calcium from living creatures, so the calcium produced could achieve the content of 3,600 mg/100 g. The increase of calcium level in the body created insulin seceretion normally. To make its flavour sweet, it is added in it a healthy protein sweetener as a sugar cane substitute.

Moreover it is also added in it the pumpkin powder that really benefits maintained the health, and concentrating sugar low. The pumpkin powder contained a special CTY substance, that could stimulate the insulin secretion, pressed the increase of diabetes, so gave the strong effect of blood sugar declining.

Nutrient Hyper Calcium is also rich of 18 amino acids, latex protein, phsphoprotein, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, and various other minerals which all of them are useful for the health od diabetes sufferers.

- purely natural zymolitic calcium powder
- pumkin powder
- oligosaccharide

  • Level of calcium: 3600 mg per 100 g.
  • No saccarida, low of calorie and low of fat
  • Added with vitamins such as: Vitamin A, C, B2, E, micro nutrients such as nikel, leaf acids, taurine, zing, iron, copper, magnesium, 18 kinds of amino acids, latexprotein, phosphoprotein.