Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tips of Consuming Tiens Health Care Products

Before consuming Tiens product or using Tianshi medical instrument, it is better for us to ndergo medical check-up. If needed, the lab results will become the guide to choose which products of Tiens are suitable to cure the disease. Lab result is aslo needed to see the development of the body after carrying out therapy using Tiens products. We will know wether cholesterol in our body has declined, or wether the blood sugar of a patient has already been stable.

According to trainer, although the Tianshi product did not give the side-effect, the role of a doctor is still very important to give suggestion to a patient. It is because the inexact use of a product will be dangerous for the patient. For example, a stroke patient with brain bleeding might not consume Vigor Rousing because the result will be fatal. It is better to give Vigor after the condition of a sufferer has been stable.

We must also pay thoroughly close attention to the method of consuming calcium. That is, by mixing warm water, so as the content of minerals and vitamins in it is not destroyed. Avoid consuming calcium when your stomach is empty. This condition will influence the absorption of the product maximally.

As well as nutrients, drinking a medicine also was affected by the condition for the body. For example, a maag medicine must be drank when the stomach is empty. The reason is that when the stomach is full, the absorption is not optimal. Medicine like tetrasiklin might not be drunk along with milk, because the content of medicine will be tied.

Consuming the Tianshi product also has the rule. There aree those which are suggested to take before eating, and there are those that are suggested to take after eating. There were also those which are suggested to drink before sleeping. All of Tianshi products have the guidance on how consuming them. There is a product that must be drunk 2 x 2 a day with warm water. There is also a product that might not be drunk along with the other product, like tea and chitosan.

Consuming Xlim Pack had also this rule. For the person who do not know, the powder is poured first in glass, then mix with water. If you do like this, then the product is congeal and is difficult to be drunk. The right method is the water has been prepared first in glass, afterwards the product is poured and stirred.