Thursday, July 03, 2008

Organic High Calcium Powder

Calcium is essential to all living things. It is the most abundant metal in the human body. Calcium is vital for the growth and maintenance of the bones and teeth, and it helps the blood to clot and the muscles to contract.

With magnesium and phosphorus, calcium is one of the most important minerals in milk. In fact, milk and milk products are the chief food sources of calcium. A daily diet that includes green vegetables, milk, and milk products supplies enough calcium for the human body's normal needs.

However, the needs of calcium for human is different and it depends on age and condition. A pregnant, breastfeeding woman and old people need more calcium than others. Moreover, research held by Tiens medical experts revealed that deficiency of calcium can bring about more than 200 diseases. This fact triggers Tianshi to invent high calcium made from the backbone of Mongolian cow.

As it stated earlier, calcium consumption can be taken from milk and milk products and vegetables as the richest sources of calcium. However, If you feel that your calcium diet with natural food is low, or you just recover from illness, or we are lack of physical activity, suffer local injury or inflammation, and some hormonal diseases which can lead us to osteoporosis, then you are suggested to consume more calcium, especially calcium supplement.

Why is calcium supplement needed? It is because not all for us have any time to drink pure milk everyday and constantly or eats products made from above 50% milk. Further, we sometime tired of consuming a large number of rich calcium foods everyday for years. So calcium supplement is its solution.

However, there are some obstructions in consuming calcium supplements. The medical experts of Tianshi analyzes that calcium absorption is still world problem. Many experts in the world still do not have exact answer about the best way to increase the level of calcium absorption.

The calcium supplement can not be absorbed because it can not fully dissolve in small intestine. The undissolved calcium will patch at intestine walls and this will prevent absorption of other nutrients. At the end, it will bring some diseases to our body, especially kidney damage.

Realizing that this problem is still undissolve, Tiens medical experts held a research and finally they find a new product named nutrient high calcium powder. The main ingredient of the product is natural calcium derived from the backbone of Mongolian cow. The cows are taken care in a hygienic and unpolluted ranch. Using biotechnological method and special enzyme, Tianshi can produce a a high level easily-absorbed calcium.

When the product is launched and is marketed, the result is very astonishing. Tiens high calcium get extraordinary appreciation from their counsumers around the world and receives some prizes and awards. For example, In 1997, the product received gold medal for Health Food at the Cooperation Conference of The World's Inventors, Enterpreneurs and Investors in New York, USA.


Debbie said...

Talking from personal experience a lot of shops and online retailers can fob you off with cheap versions that don't do the job so i spent quite some time looking for reliable sources on the Internet and came across a site that sells calcium supplements that was recommended to me by a friend. I tend to stick to the 500mg tablets rather than the liquid forms and steer clear of anything higher than 600mg.