Friday, June 27, 2008

The Three Steps to Maintain woman's Beauty

First Step: Consume Calcium and Cordyceps
In her life, a woman experiences menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause, causing her to lose plenty of calcium, micro-nutrient and energy. To a woman, therefore, consuming calcium supplement is obligatory and it should be seriously considered. A woman also needs to consume Cordyceps to improve blood circulation, to promote the function of kidney and liver, to increase "chi" at lungs, as well as to give physical composure. We can say that, calcium and cordyceps are lifetime partners for women's health.

Second Step: Consume Pinepollen and Zinc
Pinepollen is rich in vitamins and micro-nutrient and it is effective to overcome irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, To slow atrophy of sex gland, to reduce menopause disorder, to improve the condition of nutrition metabolism, and to care of various skin problems such as pimples, spots, dandruff, etc. While zinc is micro-nutrient which is highly needed by human body. It is like the flower of life whose amount may not be less that needed. The lack of zinc can cause abnormal growth of ovary, sexual disfunction, abortus habitual (abortion each time of pregnancy), prolong the pregnancy period, abnormal fetus, difficulty in giving birth, epilepsy syndrome on children, poison-in-blood disease, and even the death of newborn baby whose body weight is below normal.

Third step: Massage with Tiens Breast Care
Tiens breast care is a gadget for relaxation whose function is to care for breasts through bionic massage with constant frequency. This advanced technology gadget is equipped with musical therapy. The functions can be applied to overcome four major problems of breasts, such as: the excess gland of breasts, small breasts, flabby breasts, and dilated breasts. The gadget can magically enlarge and tighten the breasts. besides, Tiens Breast Care also functions to improve blood circulation, activate nerve cells, increase metabolism, and regulate endocrine function particulary in increasing estrogen secretion (the secretion of regulatory hormone of female function). By importing musical signals through four materials attached on the right and left breast, breast care can promote the development of breasts cells. The signals help the ovary producing a big amount of estrogen hormone. This could be helpful in preventing breast gland diseases and breast cancer as well.

There is a saying, " a man should strengthen his kidney, a woman should take care of her ovary" as ovary is a very important "weapon" in women's life. By taking care of ovary, you will have a matchless weapons to step forward charmingly any time.