Thursday, June 05, 2008

Caution about Aculife

Aculife is a wonderful product. However, as any other good & qualified product, it will give maximum benefit if you use it according to its manual:

  1. Do not use ACULIFE when in extreme fatigue or hunger, rest 30 minutes & have light meal. Thereafter, proceed with the diagnosis or therapy.
  2. After meals, rest one hour before using ACULIFE.
  3. Dry your palms before using ACULIFE. In cold weather your palms must be warmed prior to use.
  4. Refrain from cold showers or cold drinks after session. A one-hour rest is recommended after each use.
  5. After using ACULIFE for 15 consecutive days, refrain from use for 3 days before continuing with further session.
  6. Some patients may develop a skin rash after the session; this rash is normal and will disappear about one hour after the session.
  7. Detector should not have contact with any metal object, e.g., watch or ring.
  8. During treatment, the magnitude of stimulation varies in different individuals. However, the greater magnitude the better effect.
  9. The intensity of the magnetic wave can be classified into 15 grades. It is advised for new users to begin with 1st grade and gradually adjust to higher grades according to individual adaption.
  10. Drinking 300-500 cc warm water is recommended after treatment. Please do not drink cold water or take cold shower or bath immediately after treatment.
  11. This product is used for health care. Systematic use of the product is highly recommended e.g., day 1 for g.i. system treatment, day 2 for cardiovascular system and respiratory system treatment on day 3, an so on.
  12. If you get uncomfortable after using ACULIFE, please consult a doctor.
  13. If you are currently under any medical treatment, please consult your doctor before using this product.
  14. Do not get ACULIFE wet. Humidity will disrupt the functions within the set.
  15. Do not drop ACULIFE.
  16. Use the correct A/C adapter voltage. The A/C adapter should be certified by CE.
  17. Continual use of this product consumes electricity. If battery power is used, please use alkaline battery.
  18. The intensity of magnetic wave of "DETECT (power 2)" is greater than 'RELIEVE (power 1)", it is easier to detect condition of user.
  19. Do not use ACULIFE by placing the Ear Plug into your left ear and meantime placing the Pointer on right palm or pacing the Ear Plug into the right ear and meantime placing the Pointer on left palm.
  20. Do not use ACULIFE on the region of heart, head and face.


amr said...

please if you have the Aculife manual in English I would be very greatful if you can send it to me at
I only have it in German
thank u very much