Monday, June 02, 2008

How to Use Aculife?

  • Insert Magnetic Pointer into Connector.
  • Select correct Ear Plug: Place it into your left ear (ear plug on the left ear, pointer to detect on the left palm)
  • Power On
  • To begin detection, place the pointer below fingernail or left thumb to determine the correct level of strength for you.
  • Adjust signal one level at a time till you get a needle / prickling pain. Take note that a higher endurance level will increase detection accuracy.
  • After the correct level has been set, place palm chart next to you, then move the pointer slowly around the palm.
  • When a needle / prickling pain is felt on an acupoint ( a similar feeling as to what was felt on the thumb), this indicates a possible health problem. View chart to see the accupoint it refers to.
  • With pointer on the acupoint, switch from detection to relieve mode. Reset timer and keep pointer on acupoint & therapy will last for 5 minutes. A beep will be heard at the end of session.
  • Increase signal after subsequent session. This will ensure a faster relieve.
  • A maximum of 15-20 minutes per session on each acupoint is recommended: do it on as many acupoints as you wish in one day. At the end of each session, take a glass of warm water to dispel the impurities from your body.
  • Increase number of sessions on problem acupoints until the needle tingling pain disappears. This indicates that the associate health condition is improved.
  • Continuous relieve sessions after recovery will increase your immunity from all common sickness.
  • You can store in memory (M1 or M2) the level that suits you best; you can go straight to the signal level directly from memory mode. Depress the memory key, reset the timer and it will give you a 5 minutes session.
  • Use the C adapter when indoors. Allow Aculife to rest for a few minutes after a 30 minutes session.
  • A 9v alkaline battery is suitable for outdoors use.
  • Switch off Aculife when it's not in use.
Stricly Forbidden to Use if You Are:
1. Pace-maker user
2. Pregnant
3. Children under thee (3).
4. patient with malignant tumors.
5. patient with Hemorrhagic tendecies.
6. patient with tuberculosis.
7. Chronic Alcoholic.