Friday, June 27, 2008

The Secret of Maintaining 'Women's Charm"

Beautiful, young, and energetic: those are the characteristics of a charming woman. No wonder if every woman tries to have all the qualities. Time, however, cannot be stopped. Women's charm can fade away as she get older. Commonly, this occurs when she enters into the age of thirty in which her skin starts to look pale, dry and to lose its elasticity. Spots and wrinkles appear on the face, and breasts are fabbly and they dropped down slowly. In short, all qualities representing the vitality and rejuvenation of a woman slowly decrease and dissapear. To a woman who loves beauty, it causes a panic and confusion.

The charm of women begins at well-cared ovary. In the ovary, there is an endocrine gland that functions to produce female hormones (estrogen and progesterone). When there is an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone, a woman is at risk for health and beauty problem. Therefore, The World Health Organization (WHO) called out the women all over the world to pay attention to and take care of the ovary's health. Considering the very important function of a woman's ovary, an ovary is like the "root of life" and the "source of charm" of a woman.

Unfortunately, most women do not realize it. Statistics shows that above 90% of women lack understanding of reproduction health problem, neither to pay attention to ovary's health, nor to take care of it. Many, women understand that the function of their endocrine is imbalanced, but they do not realize that the imbalance happens to a weakening ovary. They also do not understand that it is the ovary that makes women have the ability to give birth, to have tight and beautiful body, and full of vitality, and that generates women's rejuvenation in order to look fresh and young. To make it worse, many women do not understand that an ovary needs to be well taken care of. In fact, without a good care, in certain period of time the ovary will be dry and weak. It results in various problems. A woman will lose her beauty as well as the vitality and the tightness of her body. Besides, she could suffer from frigidity, palpitations (heart beats irregularity), the frequency of urination is beyond normal limit (usually the symptoms of urinal infection), insomnia (sleeping problem), and so on. In the end, these problems can possibly cause the decrease of physical strength, weakening body, and vulnerability to various diseases. The lack of ovary function also shows that a woman is on her way to the gate of menopause.

In Indonesia, there is no limitation to the number of children in a family that a woman could give birth many times in a coupe of years. It causes the ovary easy to get "exhausted" and weak, resulting in a woman's charm fading away prematurely. Do not let this happen to you. Do something significant to maintain the rejuvenation of your ovary, so women's charm will be yours for good.

For any woman who wants to maintain her "rejuvenated" charm. Tiens offers a three-steps comprehensive ovary care, both inner and outer. This care emphasizes on creating balance between yin and yang within the body. SO the circulation of blood and energy is always smooth, and a woman has the "power" to step forward charmingly.


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