Friday, August 08, 2008

Tiens Lycopene Tablets

Tomatoes initially comes from Peru and Ecuador in South America. there are still many wild tomatoes crop growing along Andeans mountains as far as Mexico. At this time the tomatoes crop has spread all over the world.

Today, because of advanced technological research, tomatoes are no longer regarded only as ordinary food. Research shows that consuming tomatoes can increase human health. This can happen because in tomatoes contains much lycopene content. Lycopene is a kind of carotene that has function oppose strongly oxidation, hinder cell mutation, reduce the nucleic acid and the illness of heart blood vessels, prevents cancer, and various other functions.

Humankind and the animal could not produce lycopene in his body personally. Lycopene can be obtained from food, and through additional process, lycopene is easier to be absorbed by human body. Lycopene in the body is especially spreading on the liver, lungs, skin, intestines, and other organ network.

Main composition:
The product is made using the best-quality and unpoluted tomatoes. 1 bottle is similar with the extract of 400 kg tomatoes.

The Benefits:
A. Preventing and hindering the growth of cancer and tumor
b. Reinforcing body resistance
c. Preventing the blood vessels illness and heart
d. For beauty and hindering aging
e. Increase quick recovery for whom that is easily tired
f. Prevents osteoporosis

Lycopene Tablets is suitable to handle:
1. gastro illness
2. tumour or canker
3. Osteoporosis
4. Skin problem
5. heavy-weight
6. smokers and drinkers
7. high cholesterol in blood
8. The person who has low body resistance and is easily sick.

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