Thursday, October 22, 2009

Saw Palmetto for Your Baldness

Do you want to be bald? Baldness usually happens to man. And no man want to be bald, because they also want to seem always young. Baldness cause them seem older than their actual age.

Baldness which called Androgenetica Alopecia is 99% the main cause in men. Androgenetica Alopecia is caused by hormonal, age, and genetic factors. Using any shampoo, hair tonic, jinsom, and cream bath to overcome it will not help.

According to experts, baldness has connection with men's hormone Testosterone. A castrated men do not experience baldness. But, whose men today want to be castrated?

In some men, Testosterone hormone is changed by 5-alpha reductase enzyme to be DihidroTestosterone (DHT). In the body, DihidroTestosterone (DHT) makes some damages, such as prostate enlargement and hair loss.

What are the medicines to overcome this frightfull condition? According to some researchs, dihidroTestosterone (DHT) can be cope with antiandrogen drug. AT the markets, drug with antiandrogen can be found with a brand Finasteride 1mg.

Another medicine is Minoksidil 5%. Actually the medicine is used to overcome blood pressure. But according to the research, if the medicine is put on the bald skin, it will be able to make hairs grow.

The third medicine is Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto is a herbal medicine which has the same effect with finasteride. You can try it with small doses. Saw palmetto is very effective and cheap way to overcome baldness. In the first two month, the user will fell the effect. But the complete therapy is a year.

Another good effect of the medicine is reducing cholesterol level and evading from prostate trouble. Remember that 50% of men endures prostate problem when their age are 50 years old.
So if you want to cope your baldness, you can try it.