Saturday, October 31, 2009

Deltomed OB Herbal

Up until now if we suffer cough, we overcome it by consuming cough medicine made from chemical materials. Fortunately, a herb company in Indonesia produced cough medicine that its materials are made from extract of herbal plants. After its first launching, the writer of the blog perceive that many feel the benefit of this herbal medicine, including from the writer's personal experience that up to now always using OB Herbal from the Deltomed Factory to cure cough in his family.

OBH Herbal is formulated from herbal extract providing efficacy to alleviate cough caused by allergy or cough caused by cold. The content of natural substance in OB Herbal has been analyzed in laboratory of PT. Deltomed Laboratories, which contain substance which is officious and good to cure cough and is produced on modern extract technology system, with extractment equipment meeting GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard, and that the product shall have good herbal quality standard.

- Citrus aurantifolia: is efficacious to dilute sputum
- Licore: can alleviate infection (respiratory inflammation) and may relieve breathing
- zingiberis rhizome: warm the throat
- herba thyme: efficacious to alleviate brochitis
- menthae folia: to relieve breathing
- Kaemferia rhizome: efficacious to dilute sputum
- Myristicae extract: efficacious to alleviate cough

Indication / benefit:
To alleviate cough caused by dust allergy, change of weather or cough due to cold. OB Herbal will dilute sputum and can remove sputum which resulting in relieving breath.

Direction for use / dose:
Adult: 3 x 1 tablespoon (15ml)
Children (5-10 years): 3 x 1/2 tablespoon (7,5ml)