Sunday, October 11, 2009

Buffered Vita-C plus Royal Jelly

Another choice for whom wants to take royal jelly is Buffered Vita-C + Royal jelly, distributed by Revell Corp. Buffered Vita-C plus Royal Jelly contains Ascorbic Acid and Buffered Jelly, combined using the modern food technology. It offers the double benefits of both ingredients to promote good health. For healthy bones, teeth, gums as well as general make-up of the body. Also helps in wound healing. Buffered Vita-C serves as a daily food supplement. Good for growing children.

Benefits of Vitamin C: - helps in formation of cartilage, strong bone and teeth
- helps in formation of connection tissues.
- strengthens capillaries walls.
- for a healthier skin and muscles.
- promotes body defence system.
- prevents scurvy.
- helps body to absorb iron.
- helps to rduce blood cholesterol.

Benefits of Royal Jelly:
- promotes energy
- reduce anxiety, sleeplessness, emotional disturbance and memory loss.
- stimulate glands and rejuvenates men and women reproductive system.
- improve skin condition.
- delay ageing process.

Because of this supplement produced and distributed by Revell Corporation, please contact nearest Revell stockists in your town or country, or contact me directly to my email.