Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tiens Vitality Softgel

Vitality softgel Capsule is one of Tianshi products that won as the best-selling products. The main content of Vitality are wheat plumul oil, lecithin, and beta caroten.

Wheat plumul oil
Wheat plumul oil is rich of vitamin E, 80% unsaturated fat acid, 50-60% linoleat acid, karbotanol 28 and many compositions of micro organism.

Vitamin E
functions as antioxidant to protect organs such as cell membranes, blood vessel, heart, skin, eyes, liver, etc. from free radicals.

It is the main substance of cell formation, so it is often known as a life element. Lecithin contains in Vitality has a high pure of phosphatidycoline.

Beta Caroten
It is a kind of vitamin that can alter as vitamin A in a body. It is also often called as the first shape of vitamin A, that can stimulate cell development so that is is useful for teeth, bones, normal baby development, ant it can protect eyes-sight and from cancer.

the benefits of the product:
- prevent from senile for adult person.
- strengthen children and teens memory.
- stimulate the formation of fetus brain cell.
- effectively prevent from hepatitis.
- keep face beauty.
- smooth blood vessel.