Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cordyceps Capsules Strengthen Body Immune

A lot of illnesses emerge during the transition period: thus we should strengthen our body immune by consuming Cordyceps Mycellium Capsules. This product contains of Chong Cao, made by parasitism symbiosis, which is well known as health supplement since thousand years ago. Cordyceps plays a role as a food supplement that fulfills the needs of body cells nutrition. By consuming Cordyceps, the defect body cells obtain nutrition to renew or regenerate naturally. In so doing, body will always have strong cells including immunity cells that protect it from illnesses.

Cordyceps have a lot of benefits; some of those are as follows:
  • Decrease the fats level in the blood
  • increase body immune
  • soothe infection or inflammation
  • improve the function of lungs, heart and kidneys
  • Act as a detoxification of poison in the body
  • Againts the cancer

Based on its benefits, Cordyceps are suitable for those who suffer from illness easily due to their low body immune, those who have breathing problems such asthma and bronchitis, those who suffer from kidney defect and urine duct, as well as those who are in the recovery period.

Tips to consume Cordyceps:
  • To maintain health, consume Cordyceps a capsule twice a day during the first week. After that, take two capsules twice a day in the following week.
  • During the recovery period, consume two capsules three times a day.
  • Take Cordyceps with warm water after meals so as to maximize the absorption in the body.
  • During medical treatment, allow 15 - 30 minutes to consume Cordyceps with doctor's medicines.
(dr. Said Rizal)
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